Making a Christian difference
CARE seeks to uphold human dignity and to support the most vulnerable people in society, engaging with politicians in the UK Parliaments & Assemblies and the EU institutions in its advocacy work.

Supported by individuals and churches throughout the UK, CARE encourages Christians to be informed and to engage positively in public life; addressing issues relating to the sanctity of life, human exploitation, marriage and family and many other areas of advocacy. 

Our Vision: to see a society that has a greater regard for human dignity and increasingly reflects God’s grace and truth through public policy, media and local practical involvement with vulnerable people.

Our Purpose: to be engaged in the UK Parliaments & Assemblies and the EU institutions and to equip individual Christians and the churches to act as effective ‘light and salt’ in the local community and nationally. 

How we do this:

  • Providing clear information about important current social and moral concerns about public policy, education and the community.

  • Encouraging informed prayer for issues throughout society

  • Helping people to recognise the dignity and worth of every individual - from fertilisation to life’s natural end.

  • Inspiring and helping Christians to be actively involved in the democratic process, where there is great need for truth and justice.

  • Continuing to develop the post-graduate CARE Leadership Programme

  • Promoting community-based initiatives that live out Christ’s love and truth.