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10 ways to pray about coronavirus

posted 24 Apr 2020, 04:31 by Crossways Dorking   [ updated 24 Apr 2020, 04:42 ]

The bible teaches us that times and seasons are in God's hands. We are called to trust Him, whatever happens and now, with the coronavirus pandemic making its presence felt all over the world, God calls us to stand firm and above all to pray for governments, for our neighbours and for our nation.

10 ways to pray about coronavirus:
  1.      Intercede for God's mercy.(Habakkuk 3:2)
  2.      Give thanks for those caring for the vulnerable (Is 41:13)
  3.      Ask God to give success to medical researchers (Matthew 21:22)
  4.      Pray for the Church (Ephesians 4: 12,13)
  5.      Pray for those in badly affected places (Ps 23:4)
  6.      Pray for the NHS (Micah 6:8)
  7.      Ask God to watch over those who are in need of rescue and support (Ps 91:4-6)
  8.      Call on God to pour out his Spirit on his people ( Hebrews 2:18)
  9.      Pray about the economic effects (Hebrews 6:18,19)
  10.      Intercede for world leaders (Lamentations 3:22)

From CARE - Christian Action, Research, and Education