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CAP: Stand up for the poor, sign our petition

posted 20 Feb 2016, 22:41 by Crossways Dorking   [ updated 20 Feb 2016, 22:45 ]

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According to the Citizens Advice Bureau prepayment meter (PPM) consumers pay £226 a year more than those who use direct debit, yet these consumers are often the poorest in our society.

Christians Against Poverty’s (CAP) The Poor Pay More report also showed that six in ten PPM customers are vulnerable and that there is widespread self-disconnection taking place, with 54% not using their heating for at least one week a month over winter because they can not afford to top up their meter, and an estimated 43,000 households in the UK who are in arrears on their PPM not using their heating at all.


We call on government to:

1. Cut the cost of prepayment meters in line with the cheapest direct debit fuel tariffs saving consumers £226 a year

2. End debt collection by energy companies during the winter (as Scottish Energy have done)

3. Ensure homes with pensioners, disabled people and children don't have prepayment meters fitted

4. Stop installation of prepayment meters during the winter

5. Monitor and require action on self-disconnection by those on smart meters and prioritise prepayment meter customers in the UK roll-out.