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Gideon’s outreach during the Commonwealth Games

posted 21 Feb 2015, 12:12 by Crossways Dorking
I joined a small group of Gideon members in Glasgow on the 29th July and spent three days doing outreach on the streets of the City of Glasgow. We were encouraged to pray before making contacts and were reminded of St. Paul’s instruction in Colossians Chapter 4 verses 2-4 ‘ to continue earnestly in prayer… that God would open a door for the word.’ It was exciting how ‘doors’ opened for conversations with people to share the Good News of the gospel, the ‘word of life’ and open the testaments to share a few verses. It was understood that 9000 New Testaments had been handed out during the eleven days of the games, including the athletes village.

On the journey to Glasgow. I had a good conversation with a gentleman in the seat next to me. I said I was on my way to Glasgow, not to take part in the games, but to help the Gideons hand out copies of the New Testament and Psalms. He had apparently been a church member, but he had lapsed over the years. I took the opportunity to offer him a New Testament, and he was pleased to accept.

I prayed with a small group of Gideon members who had come from different parts of the UK before going out on to streets. I spent the first afternoon walking in the City of Glasgow which was very busy, offering people a Testament. I met a young trainee chef from Zimbabwe who was having a break from his work outside a restaurant. He said he was seeking and I felt privileged to share my belief in Jesus and a verse from scripture. He was happy to accept a Testament and he said he would study it. I also handed some Testaments to several taxi drivers parked at the kerbside.

In the coffee bar at Waterstones, I offered three Testaments to the manageress, and she said she would place two in the staff area.

I met athletes from different parts of Africa, and volunteers who were helping people find there way around the City and many were willing to accept Testaments. One young lady came up to me on crutches to tell me she was so thankful to have found a Testament the previous day, that had been dropped on the pavement. It had been a great encouragement and comfort to her, as she had recently lost a close member of her family.

I met a few homeless people who received Testaments. One of them had just left the Sherriff’s Court and was on his way to a ‘de-tox’ centre. He accepted a testament,
and was pleased for me to pray with him.

We realised the importance of prayer, and we praised the Lord for ‘the doors’ He opened, and the prayer support. He uses us though we are weak, so that His strength and power will be seen and not ours.

It was a privilege to be involved in spreading God’s word, and ‘passing on the baton’. It was a good experience to have the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world, at different stages of their spiritual journey and to listen to them and offer the good news of Jesus Christ and give care and encouragement where the opportunities arose .

We pray that all those who received the testaments will come to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus, and that the gospel will continue to be spread further to all parts of the world.

Chris Vigar