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Keep Sunday Trading Special- Christian Today and Nola Leach campaign!

posted 22 Sep 2015, 08:08 by Crossways Dorking

Please stand with us today to Keep Sunday Special – it will take just two minutes!

Thank you everyone who responded to the Government’s consultation on relaxing Sunday Trading laws which closed last week.

During this period when the Government will be looking at consultation responses – and has not yet proposed any legislation to give effect to its proposals – it will be particularly open to the views and concerns of Members of Parliament.

In this context we would encourage you to take a moment to email your MP today to make them aware of you opposition to any change in the law and to ask them to make the Government aware of the widespread public concern about the proposals.

This can be done in less than two minutes thanks to a wonderful tool developed by the Keep Sunday Special Campaign.

Simply enter your postcode and an email to your MP will be generated which you can either send immediately or after editing if you want to adjust or add to the generated text.  You can find additional information you might like to include in your email by clicking here.

Taking action need only take two minutes but the more emails are sent, the more likely it is that MPs will express concerns to the Government and the more likely it is the proposals will be shelved!

Let’s do all that we can to stop this proposal which would further undermine family life by making it even less likely that parents will have time to spend together to invest in their relationship with each other, and with their children too.

Please take action and send a message to your MP today.

If you would like to read more, click here to read Nola Leach’s recent article for Christian Today on Sunday Trading. 

Link Below to article:-