Pastor's news

Just back from holiday in Devon. Whilst enjoying the sunshine [ yes, we had sunshine] it got me thinking: can the people at church guess what I might be doing at this moment? Or more importantly, would they be pleased with what I'm doing - am I being a good witness outside the relatively cosy confines of Crossways? Am I the same on holiday as I am at church? The good news is that your Pastor tries very hard with the Spirit's help to be one integrated man, the same in a hotel setting as in a church setting, the same at home as in the office. And that goes for witnessing more overtly too. When an opportunity comes, and it does, I'm there! But only if the perfume is right! If I 'smell' wrong, if the lovely attractiveness of Christ isn't there, I'm not going to say anything because it won't be heard! You'll be glad to know however that before I go out witnessing, on holiday or otherwise, I always spend time listening to the Voice and receiving something of his perfume and his loveliness. As Maya Angelou, the author, said, 'People won't remember what you said or what you did but they will remember how you made them feel!' I hope that whoever I met on holiday, on a plane or in a cafe, they felt loved because I know I am!