Be Me Project February Update

posted 25 Feb 2021, 04:49 by Crossways Dorking

Thank you for reading our news for the start of 2021

We are delighted to be chosen to be a mission partner with St George's Church in Ashtead.  We are so grateful to them for supporting us. You can hear a small clip of an interview that Sue gave below - the full version can be found on SGSG Ashtead Youtube channel. 



Let's Chat is a brand new resource that we have been working on which includes 100 questions about life's issues. The purpose of the questions is to guide deep and meaningful conversations to build confidence and improve mental wellbeing.  

There are 14 different topics to discuss; including

  • healthy relationships,
  • dangers of social media,
  • coping with emotions.

Our first time using them is going to be in a Cafe in Brighton where we are inviting women who live in hostels to join us and have a free cuppa. Thank you to Clarion Futures who are funding this exciting project which launches this coming month. 



What is happening in Kent...

Thank you to Tonbridge Baptist Church who has funded us to run the 'Who Am I?' course with ladies who live in a Christian hostel.  We are thrilled to be partnering with both the Church and the hostel in supporting these young women. We are continuing to work alongside the GP surgery in Snodland running our courses for struggling young people through our online provision. 

Clarion has generously purchased 100 'Who Am I?' books which will be sent to some of the most vulnerable ladies, including 60 in hostels and 40 who are struggling in the community.  After lockdown, we're excited to be working more closely with some of these ladies and offering further support.


In Surrey, we have been working alongside Social Prescribers (in GP surgeries) and schools and have had many referrals to our online support for young people and women in the communities that we live in.  We have 12 people that are accessing this support at present and we have a waiting list for our person-to-person courses after lockdown.  


We are looking for...

An experienced treasurer to join our board of trustees!
Do you know anyone who can help? Or can you help?
Please email 



How can you support us?

  • Join our prayer support team
  • Donate monthly - these donations are the life support of the working of Be Me project. 
  • If you would to organise a fundraising event, please get in contact with us!

For any of the above, you can contact us through the website



We were thrilled to hear our Government's announcement that students are returning to schools on the 8th March and the apparent increased awareness of the need to support those with poor mental health.  As a team, we can't wait to help all those we come in contact with.



The Be Me Team

No Lockdown on the Holy Spirit

posted 18 Dec 2020, 04:03 by Crossways Dorking   [ updated 18 Dec 2020, 04:06 ]

There is no lockdown on ‘just happening’ to meet the person he’s put on your heart in the grocery aisle, or on him healing a friend sixty miles away, or giving you the right word (you know it was him) for a colleague on a call, or strengthening you for another day in the classroom, the same room, the Zoom room. [Click on on the image below to read the whole article]

10 ways to flourish in lockdown

posted 24 Apr 2020, 04:39 by Crossways Dorking   [ updated 26 Apr 2020, 06:42 ]

We’re in the midst of a fascinating social experiment: millions of people in lockdown for an indefinite number of days or weeks, maybe months.  We didn’t ask for this, and perhaps lockdown is your worst nightmare.  Click on the picture below for a few thoughts on how to thrive during these odd and frightening days: 

10 ways to pray about coronavirus

posted 24 Apr 2020, 04:31 by Crossways Dorking   [ updated 24 Apr 2020, 04:42 ]

The bible teaches us that times and seasons are in God's hands. We are called to trust Him, whatever happens and now, with the coronavirus pandemic making its presence felt all over the world, God calls us to stand firm and above all to pray for governments, for our neighbours and for our nation.

10 ways to pray about coronavirus:
  1.      Intercede for God's mercy.(Habakkuk 3:2)
  2.      Give thanks for those caring for the vulnerable (Is 41:13)
  3.      Ask God to give success to medical researchers (Matthew 21:22)
  4.      Pray for the Church (Ephesians 4: 12,13)
  5.      Pray for those in badly affected places (Ps 23:4)
  6.      Pray for the NHS (Micah 6:8)
  7.      Ask God to watch over those who are in need of rescue and support (Ps 91:4-6)
  8.      Call on God to pour out his Spirit on his people ( Hebrews 2:18)
  9.      Pray about the economic effects (Hebrews 6:18,19)
  10.      Intercede for world leaders (Lamentations 3:22)

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