Celebrate with Paul Gough

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30 years in ministry by giving 30p, £3, £30, or £300 to his favourite charities, Hope for Justice and Open Doors.

Concert of Classical Piano

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given by Paul Gough on Saturday 12th October, 12.30pm at Crossways.  
Donations to Dorking Refugee Support.  

Autumn Alpha

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Alpha is an introductory programme for Non Christians, Enquiring Christians and New Christians alike. It is a great chance to ask all those questions, discuss and argue all those points and make friends and meet people on the same spiritual journey as you.  Alpha will start on Monday September 16th, 7:30pm at the manse.  Message us with your questions and to register an interest in attending.

Watch the Alpha introduction here.

No Perfect People Allowed

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Starting September, the Sunday morning sermons and Homegroup studies will be based around the book by John Burke - No Perfect People AllowedIn the same way that the Hebrews faith heroes were a diverse bunch of very imperfect people as were the disciples of Jesus Christ and the first century church, the 2020’s church is also going to comprise the eclectic, wayward and wounded people of the present secular generation.  This series will challenge your preconceptions, motivations and actions.  Be prepared!

Buy your own copy of No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke here and be challenged.


Dorking Besom Summer Update

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Read all about the recent work of Dorking Besom.

Become a BeMe Prayer Partner

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Would you like to pray regularly for Be Me projects?



We would love every course that we run to be covered in prayer.
If you would like to join us in prayer click on the button below
and we will send you through a specific course for you to pray for.



'Thank you for having me at Be Me project,

it really helped me find my confidence
as I find a lot of my subjects hard and I always think
I'm not good enough because I think I'm dumb
because of what I have been through the past 5 years,
13 year old girl

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